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Prototype PCB fabrication
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PCB Capability

Material FR4 Tg140,170,180℃, Rogers and Aluminum Clad Laminate
Layer Single ~16 layers
Min. Board thickness 2/L-8mil, 4/L-16mil, 6/L-24mil,8/L-32mil, 10/L-40mil,12/L-48 mil
Max. Board thickness 8.0mm (315mil)
Board bow/ twist tolerance < 0.75%
Min. Trace width/space 3/3 mil
Min.drilling hole size 4 mil
Min. Pad Ring 4 mil
Drilling Accuracy +/- 2 mil
Min. Space for solder mask 4 mil
Min. Dam for fine pitch 4 mil
Surface finishing HAL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion gold ( ENIG), Immersion Tin Immersion Silver, ENTEK (OSP), gold plating, gold finger
Max. Immersion gold thickness 8u”
Max. Gold plating thickness 40u”
Impedance control Tolerance +/-10%
Max. working size 700x590mm

*Our Lead Free production conform with RoHS Directive.